Awakenings Festival

Awakenings says that their festival is one of the most important electronic events in Europe… and after attending two years on the run, I would have to say I definitely agree! I feel I have to make it a routine now by attending every single year, how can I miss it?! 

This festival is out of this world,  it is filled with techno lovers from all over the planet, all there for the same reason: to appreciate the world’s best techno djs and dance to their tracks! It has eight amazing stages set around a lake and lots of greenery, this adds to the incredible vibes and atmosphere that flows throughout the festival.   

It is also set in one of my favourite places in the world… Amsterdam! 

Awakenings 2014 –

The first day we arrived just in time for Ben Klock at Area A, two hours of Ben Klock was definitely the best start we could have had to Awakenings! Techno has this energy that seems to pulse through everyone’s bodies and make everyone move without even thinking. I find it funny, I’ll be dancing and then I’ll look around and everyone is just facing the dj dancing in their own little ways, I sometimes think it looks like we’re all worshipping them, haha.. like dancing our souls out to our techno king. 

After Klock finished, we wandered around the festival, me being me was taking photographs of pretty much everything, I was in awe of the whole setting of the festival! I loved how they had random posters with quotes from certain dj’s on them. There was a quote from Sven Vath which said “I still like melodies and harmonies. I’m a romantic person in a way and I like to play tracks where people maybe smile or feel touched.” 

We then had the privilege to see Joseph Capriati play at Area V (the mainstage) which looked like something you’d expect the transformers to live inside! There must have been thousands surrounding the main stage as he played, his set certainly wasn’t one to miss.

We ended day one with Nina Kraviz in Area X, where she played Bjarki – I Wanna Go Bang for the first time as it had only been released 2 days before on her record label trip. 

Day two started with andhim, where they played my most favourite remix by themselves: Elderbrook – How Many Times (andhim remix)

We then travelled along to Area C (the jupiter stage), this was the stage that rose above the lake. Here we listened to Henrik Schwarz live, which was something else. The music he played throughout his set was the perfect balance of electronic music with waves of jazz built up in the techno.

Maceo Plex was next at the main stage, he played tracks everybody could dance to such as Alan Fitzpatrick – Love Siren. Though, my favourite part of his set was when he started playing his own tracks, I find his music very mesmerising.. its the kind of music I can imagine life on other planets listening to:

We then had a walk around and seen the sun setting from across the lake, whilst Kolsh was playing his set, still to this day that is the best way I will probably ever watch the sun go down… at Awakenings Festival sat in front of a beautiful lake listening to Kolsh. 

We finished day two with Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg closing the main stage. I do admit that I regret not seeing Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann’s closing though, but I wont complain as I had the most amazing time. 

The whole festival was incredible and the only thing I would want to change… is to have two of me there at once… so that I don’t have to miss anyone’s set!


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